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The intensifying drought poses an increasing challenge to agricultural businesses every year. The frequency of harvest fires and the financial loss are increasing rapidly, which seriously affects agricultural producers. The solution is the Fields Fireman fire extinguisher, which can be deployed immediately when a fire is detected and effectively stops the development of major damage.
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The Fields Fireman extinguisher tractor can be deployed in 5 seconds and with its adjustable spray pattern, provides effective and continuous extinguishing for 20 minutes. During operation, you can switch between water or foam extinguishing in a flash, which significantly increases the efficiency of the extinguisher. The universal Fields Fireman extinguisher can be easily connected to the front hitch and hydraulic system of any tractor.
Foam and water extinguishing for up to 20 minutes
Deploys in 5 seconds
Adaptable to all tractor types
Quick and easy installation
Front ballast as counterweight
Excellent for cleaning machinery and roads

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Visit our partner and see for yourself that the Fields Fireman is the most efficient fire extinguisher available. Contact your nearest dealer.
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We have found the solution to the problem of agricultural fires

As an experienced agricultural entrepreneur, I myself have experienced the serious damage caused by agricultural fires. Over the past 25 years, I have seen many harvest fires, during which quite a few implements and a lot of crops became victims of the fire. Fires caused huge financial losses to agricultural entrepreneurs every year. The Fields Fireman extinguisher is the result of more than ten years of research and development, which has proven to be extremely effective in the field of agricultural fire protection. We presented ourselves at the Agritechnika exhibition in 2019 with great success. With our manufacturing and sales partner, Ilant Technology Kft., we have since sold our extinguishing equipment in 8 countries. We are proud that the Fields Fireman is recognized as firefighting equipment approved by the National Directorate General of Disaster Management.
Tamás Széplaki
Managing Director

Where it has already proven itself

Sebastian Bützler

Sebastian Bützler, Germany

I am very satisfied with your device. We have already tested it at various training operations with the fire department, and the fire department was also very satisfied with the device. It definitely has a permanent place on my tractor. Unfortunately, it arrived so late that I could no longer use it for the harvest, but for driving manure as a front weight, it is great, and if something gets dirty, it can be immediately washed away.

Lelkes Péter

PD Sokolce, Slovakia

After an unfortunate fire incident, we discovered the Fields Fireman agricultural firefighting equipment. After viewing the product on site, we immediately invested in two units. Since then, it has become an indispensable accessory for harvesting and straw collection works. Due to its simple and quick use, as well as its robust manufacturing quality, I recommend it to anyone who likes to keep their valuable machinery safe from often sudden fire outbreaks!

Kalfsbeek Harm

Europa Faming Kft., Hungary

I searched for the right firefighting device for years. At a farmers' gathering, I saw the device that met all my expectations: equipped with a hydraulic water pump, a properly sized water tank, and the capability to extinguish with foam. It's easy to handle, versatile in use: for example, it provides a mobile firefighting standby option during harvest time, and it can also be used for washing machines. Fortunately, we have not had to use it for firefighting yet, but its presence provides security. The design of the device is also very well executed.

Jasmin Zacharias

Agricultural influencer, Austria

We can only recommend Fields Fireman. The workmanship of the individual parts as well as the entire container is extremely high quality. We have attached the Fields Fireman to our Massey Ferguson 7618 on the front hydraulics - where it serves not only as a fire extinguishing device, but also can be ideally used as a front weight. An absolute game changer in this area! Workmanship, performance, handling TOP! Furthermore, the customer service is extremely helpful and always accessible!

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Fields Fireman Foam will be presented by our partner: Atzlinger GmbH,at „Atzlinger-Alm"in Hall 3 / Booth D17. in Hannover, 12-18. November. 2023. machinery news

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